Stop Feeling tired the Natural Way

I struggled with fatigue for years, for no apparent reason. I went to the doctors to explain my symptoms, he suggested some Lifestyle changes. After that made no real difference, I was put through some tests for conditions such as ‘glandular fever’ and various other virus-like diseases, one was ‘yuppie flu’,

After a lot of time and associated days off work, all the tests proved inconclusive and I was back to square one.

I was at my wits’ end and desperately seeking further advice. A friend suggested I see a friend of hers .This lady was a “herbalist”, something I had not really heard of at the time. I reluctantly went to see her, thinking I had nothing to lose really.  That decision CHANGED MY LIFE.

Having explained my symptoms to the herbalist, she suggested a treatment and supplied me with a month’s course of tablets to take. I now take a tablet every morning, an easy once-daily dose. After a short time a noticed i difference and now my mental and physical energies are much improved. The herbalist was near retirement and only supplied the remedy locally.  I asked if I could start selling them, to a wider audience. She agreed and I decided the internet would be the best way to help other people like me, and so this website was born!

I decided to sell the tablets in a customer friendly way, to get you the best results quickly,

The key advantages:

  • In a monthly pack, with a convenient once daily dose.
  • A morning dosage time- after breakfast to match your body’s hormonal rhythms
  • A capsule form – easy to swallow
  • A vegetable capsule – safe for Vegans and gelatin-free.
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • A natural ingredient that occurs naturally in the body – no side-effects as with conventional drugs.


FINALLY ………we also offer a money back guarantee so you have peace of mind, so if this product does not work at all for you, you can request a refund